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Barrel Racing at a Rodeo

Being a Fit Rider

It's NOT about 6 pack abs. It's about being able to put your foot in the stirrup and ride and after an hour not hurt. 

It's NOT about looking good in the pictures. It is about making your horses job easier by being balanced and fit. It's about feeling good in the pictures. 

I'm here to tell you that it's achievable. It's 100% achievable. 100%!




In this video I walk you through my journey from a track and field All-star and barrel racer, 

through pain and inability,


to a truly fit rider, 

to a Beach Body Coach,

to the best health I've ever had mentally and physically.

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Carrie, in her calm and humorous way, has taught me how to trust my horse. She has taught me the subtle difference between commanding and communicating. The same difference that allows a horse to use their natural abilities but also respect your leadership. I believe this is the art of a true horsewoman


Carrie has a great positive perspective and is always sharing tools to keep your mental game strong.  I love that she combines her love of horses and fitness because I also believe that the biggest favour you can do for your horse is to be mentally and physically fit. 


Thanks Carrie for your friendship and guidance! What you do is really cool!

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Kehler Cattle and Colts

Riding horse in Phoenix Arizona
What is a Challenge Group?

It's the best thing ever!

It's a place to live your best life while choosing to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Each program has a day one. You take a before shot. You follow a calendar which totally takes the guesswork out of what to do. 

One of the recent challenges I led was called Barre Blend. This one focused on  isolating muscle groups in the burn zone. My goal was to attack of the muffin top and we sure did. During the program I drank my vitamins daily, tracked my progress while encouraging my friends to do the same.

The beauty of the programs is you can take them absolutely anywhere. To the gym because you just can't beat the atmosphere of a gym setting, and I can't wait for them to reopen, you can take your workouts with you on the road in a hotel room and of course at home.

Making new friends has got to be the best perk! I've met so many awesome people from across the nation!

Want to join my amazing team? 🙋‍♀️

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