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Taste the difference of 

Longhorn Beef


How we raise them.

Plett - Longhorn skull.png

Our longhorns are raised on pasture which means they're grassfed. They're two and under when they're butchered making for good prime meat. 

We want to give you peace of mind that these animals are well cared for. We would want nothing less to fill our plates. Why not yours too?

Farm visits are welcome. 

We are proud to be Manitoba Beef Producers and part of the MB Cattle Ranchers Market.


What's so good about the meat?  

Longhorn make some mighty tasty beef. It's lean, juicy and just plain tastes great. Check out our kitchen experiment we did below to see how much leaner it really is. 

Our longhorns are prime

and our meat is government inspected. 


How Do I Order? 

Plett - Longhorn skull.png

We deliver in SouthEast Manitoba. 


  1. Try our sampler pack 4 steaks A 2lb roast and a 2lb package of ground beef. Price $50.00

  2. A quarter of beef is approx. 50lbs of meat and you can custom order your cuts ahead of time. Custom order anytime to get the cuts of your choice.

  3. On farm pick up or deliver. Delivery charges will be applied.


Our beef comes in 2 pound frozen packages. We can also do custom orders. If you would like specific cuts just send us the details in your email.  

We take e-transfer, check or cash.

Our Kitchen Experiment

"Don't take our word for it. Do your own kitchen experiment. It's lean meat, there's no denying it". 

Chad and Carrie Plett

Plett Beef - Kitchen Experiment.jpg
Longhorn Beef Calf.jpg
Longhorn Beef Bull
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