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Plett Cattle & Performance Horses

Connecting you with homegrown beef and rodeo ready horses!


All the Hats we Wear

Our Products and Services
Longhorn Beef

Grass-Fed, Long-horn Beef. See if you can taste the difference!

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Fitness Coaching

Affordable fitness and nutrition coaching at your fingertips. Fit riders are better riders. Do your horse a favour.

Rodeo Ready Horses

Chad and I are excited to get you paired up with your next money-earner! 

T+C Slurry Services Inc.

Custom Baling

Hoof Trimming Services

Have a horse that doesn't stand for the farrier? Ground breaking, foot breaking and farrier services combined. 

Clinics and Jackpots

Learn ground-work, horsemanship and barrel racing skills. Rope to win a saddle! Check out our events.


Meet the
Plett Family



That's a whole lotta Fs. I can't imagine having one without the other. There's so much more that makes our family tick. We have a serious love for horses, music, rodeo, hockey and hunting. We love nothing more than a freezer full of wild meat and longhorn beef.

I hear people say wow, you're busy. I beg to differ, I see us as active. And I love to share my knowledge with others, and that to me is success. 

Carrie is the real deal. She's combined her love of  fitness + horses + people. I've worked alongside her in the Coaching field for 3 years now. When Carrie is leading one of her fitness classes, or training a personal training client or building a challenge group online I know one thing is for sure... SHE'S ALL IN!

Sandi Knox


Canada's Top Trainer 2015, Beach Body Coach

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